Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting Practical on Day 16/7 of two fold challenge

What is the use of information if it isn't utilize? Why revel in knowledge if it isn't being practiced? Talking about something only gets points when it is acted upon.

Working out like a horse without visible results? Take a look at what you're eating and make some adjustments there!
Eating clean but still not seeing results? Maybe your exercise plan is in need of some tweaking!
Doing both yet still no results? Take a look at your mind...what is your thought life like? If you're surrounded by or personal are a negative person then you need to change gears in your mindset. Remember, as a man/woman thinks so is he/she.

At 5AM I was up, downed a glass of water and started an intense no rest 20 min full body workout, using my body strength as resistance with only 2.5 & 5 lb weights for a few sets. It was a combo of cardio, sit-ups, lower and upper. Something new I've decided to add as a AM workout this week!
This PM I'll be doing 2 sets of upper & lower with weights 20/10/6/20 moving from moderate to heavy then moderate and finishing it off with 25 min HIT.
When, not if but when your body tries to get you to lay around and not workout - pull up your best memory when you had an amazing workout and how you felt, and go lace up and get moving and remind self...self, It takes work, but it is worth it!:-)

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