Friday, July 11, 2008

Results on Day 20/10

Yesterday I took a rest day and finally noticed visible difference around my stomach and thighs - as we all know that is where fat likes to rest on women. I am very pleased with my results to date, and know that going forward the fat will continue to melt off.
Today is my full body strength training day with sit-ups.
This week's workout schedule so far has been 110% compliant:
Mon - Strength training, sit-ups and cardio
Tue - Cardio
Wed - Strength training & sit-ups
Thurs - REST
Fri - Strength training & sit-ups
Sat - Cardio & sit-ups
Sun - REST
OK, enjoy your week-end, enjoy your accomplishments, make changes to better you and enjoy your life!
Tomorrow it is time for the tale of the tape!


Michael said...

See that? You've made progress. Patience my dear, patience. I am always tempted to change things up, but I know that sticking to the plan is the best way go.

Mike Groom said...

good stuff Diane!

Larry said...

Diane, You've got a great plan and becasue you have worked the plan you are seeing results. Feels great I bet.

Keep going.