Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adding Value on Day22/12

This is the second week that my Friday workout got derailed - simply because at the last minute plans got made to do "stuff" after work, then before you know it I'm home after 10PM and there goes a crucial workout. That will not happen again - I will get a Friday workout in the AM, so my PM can be enjoyed without regrets!
This week I've decided to eliminate all fruit from my nutritional plan Mon-Fri. and adding fresh organic veggie juice twice daily to my food intake, with a bit more complex carbs - as in B.rice and sweet potato along with protein.
My workout this week:
Mon - AM - 30 min Cardio and sit-ups/PM - upper body
Tue - AM - 25 min Cardio/PM legs and Cardio
Wed - AM - Upper and sit-ups
Thurs - AM Cardio/PM Legs and sit-ups
Fri - AM - Upper
Sat - Cardio and sit-ups
It is important to not just add value to my workouts, but to my nutritional intake and mental /spiritual state also. I cannot succeed without equal quality time given to each area. There has to be a healthy balance as I journey towards my personal best.
Value in relationships with others will grow and increase as I give value to improving areas of my life. I'm not the only one benefiting here, others are are being encouraged to improve their health and lose a few lbs of fat. I'll share the impact of what an active healthy lifestyle can do to those you rub shoulders with on a daily basis.
Alright to a successful week! Here, here!
PS Measurements were not taken this week-end as planned...will do next Sat.


Mike Groom said...

Diane, great job in planning your Friday workouts. Getting it done is very important.

Marbella said...

You are SO on the right track, and going ahead full steam. When a boulder falls into the road, make a´ll get they Diane! And probably faster then you can imagine.

Michael said...

This stuff happens. Don't beat yourself up and just stick to the plan you just made