Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doing my best on Day 24/14

Yesterday at 5AM I completed 15 flights of stairs 3 times, then 22 once. In the evening I did upper and sit-ups! Today it was 20 min of lower body strength training with some jumping jacks cross over, then finish it off with 25 min of progressive cardio.
I would like to get into the habit of doing cardio at least 3 times in the AM because I find it is a great energy booster to my day! Alas sometimes the influence of my bed gets the better of me, but I am working on completing this plan this week.
I had no pre-planned meal last night, thus my eating wasn't the healthiest, though it wasn't bad...just not planned.
I guess it is only common sense to expect that where there most fat lies, that is where you'll see results last - I am totally stoked at my progress as I keep applying patience and take practical steps with my nutrition and exercise plan.

Remember - every time we do something to better our lives, we benefit from it, and it overflows to enhancing our relationships as well; so don't give up, just keep moving and resolve to do your best today!


Michael said...

Loved your post today. Thanks for the uplifting commentary.

Larry said...

Nice work on the stairs. keep moving.

Shari Kraft said...

Hi Diane! I got tired just reading your post!!! You go girl!