Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally on Day 25/15

We all know what it's like studying for an exam and then - finally it is over.
We keep working on a project or finding a solution for a problem - then finally we get it.
We commence a journey that we thought would take 12 hours, but due to delays or missed train or planes it turns into a 24 hour trip - then finally we get there.
And so it is with our own fitness journey -we plan, prepare and work, then finally one day we look in the mirror, try on our clothes, take a new picture, take measurements, receive compliments from others, and then finally we get it, we embrace it, we're living it.
Our finally will happen if we do not quit, if we hold on and keep moving, if we choose to embrace what will give the flow of life to our lives that will strengthen us with encouragement and a strong sense of no room for quitting attitude to go on.
After my workout last night I suffered a minor set-back - the front of my right foot became extremely sore and any form of pressure on it was unbearable. I'd added a new form of jumping jacks crossover and doing that in my older runners with less support may be the cause. I've since pulled out my new runners and completed sit-ups and a brisk 25 min incline walk on the T.Mill later today so as not to add any more injury to that spot.
My eating is 100% compliant...feeling hungrier than usual today so I may add a bit more complex carbs to my next meal. Other than that all is well...moving forward with the virtue of patience fully active.


Shari Kraft said...

Hey cutie pie! Thanks for the nice words about my son. He does have a great heart. I miss him so much.

I am done with P90X. Did really well, until the last 2 weeks. I totally crashed and burned. My body screamed to stop! So I did. :) I changed some things up and I'm back on track!

Marbella said...

Hey Diane girlfriend!
Hope your footsy gets better. Boy if we aren´t two with problems with feet! My blisters are better. Now to get your going better too.
Take care. Have a great weekend.

Michael said...

Hey there Diane, just take care of that foot.