Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thankfulness on Day 29/19

I'm extremely thankful for:
the people who visit my blog and add support and encouragement!
for being blessed with another day to live my best life!
for second chances and sometimes third chances!
for the gift of a free will that gives me the ability to choose what I want to embrace and to live with what those choices manifest!
After a cup of java my workout gear was on, my mind mentally prepared and I completed 30 min of full body workout of 30/15/5 light to heavy set, then 15/5-8 of moderate to heavy set. My muscles were shaking and burning as I moved into the last set, but by the time the timer went I was shy of my last set of heavy for the legs, and completed it anyways.
Then I moved on to the T.mill for my cardio session - I decided to set the time for 25 min and ran the session my increasing the speed every 3 min.
The last 20 min I alternate between jumping jacks frontal crossover and incline walking on the T.Mill.
I was able to complete 400 jumping jacks and frontal cross over plus 13:32 min of incline walking within that session.
I was just elated that I completed this workout and still had a bit left in me - that will be needed for this PM 25 min cardio session.
Today is an all fruit day - it will be interested to see how my body feels after this PM session with only fruit being consumed.
Time to prepare some protein oatmeal pancakes for breaky and snacks and my quesadilla chicken mix for this week.
Make healthy choices for the body, soul and spirit and you'll have a great day!

2 comments: said...

You're on fire , girl! 400 jumping jacks?!? What's a frontal crossover?

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Lilla that is where the jumping jacks are switched to the front instead of sides