Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Adding fuel to my purpose on Day 47

Another day at it - found it a struggle to complete my cardio session last night and really had to fight to complete it. Half way through I found my edge and had a better finish. Realized that if you don't have anything in reserve to draw on when you hit your low time, you could find yourself in trouble. We will all have times when we become faced with thoughts that rub against what we believe in, the goals we've set and the results that are manifested.
It is in those moments that we need to add life, light the fire, by adding more fuel to the burning logs and renew our purpose and keep going.
So this AM I reminded myself that I'm going to do my best by eating my healthiest and working my hardest to achieve my fitness goals.
My right shin is sore...I felt it while doing my cardio last night, so I need to take it easy on the jumping jacks and cross over for a bit. Want to avoid any further damage.
Alright folks, do your thing and don't quit on you~


Michael said...

"don't quit on you" -- great words of advice, Diane.

Marbella said...

Keep it going Diane. Go slower, doesn´t matter. Stop a moment to breathe. I too had a down day today and didn´t walk as far as I wanted, but heck...tomorrow we can do even better.
Thinking of you and knowing that you´ll work it out.