Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 45 of 68

My three days off stretched into four days off and my eating was only 65% compliant. I’ve learnt over the course of time that when; for whatever reason I do not stick with my original eating plan to take it for what it is, and move as the past is the past, and make choices in the weeks ahead that will avoid any loss of the progress I’ve already made.
Beating myself up over the bad food choices I made isn’t going to help– my body has already sent the message loud and clear and that is punishment enough.

A change was made to my completion goal date of phrase III - seeing that I'll be away on vacation for 1 month from Aug 28th, I've decided to extend my deadline date to Aug 27th.

I've decided to do 15-20 min of my cardio in the AM to jump start my fat burning furnace by doing jumping jacks and cross over or as I recently found out it is also called - ski rowing. Along with that I'll be doing some hopping on one leg alternating for a certain count then switching. This form of workout really doesn't look like much, but I challenge you to set your timer for 15 min and get to'll be amazed at how taxing and effective this workout is. The sweet thing about this workout is that is can be done right in your home.
Here’s my plan for this week:
Exercise Plan until Aug 27th
Cardio – 5 days between 30-50 min segments
Mon/ Wed/Fri – Upper plus 30-50 min cardio and sit-ups
Tue/Thurs – Lower and cardio 30-50 min
Sat – Cardio (moderate)
Sun – REST
Strength training moderate to heavy:
Upper 20/15/10/8/6/4 x 2 sets & 4/4/4x1 heavy
Lower 10/10/10 x 1 set – 8/8/8x 2 sets – 6/6/6x1 set
Nutritional Plan Aug 4-10th
Mon & Tue – Protein, veggies and fruit day
Wed – All fruit day
Thurs – Protein with veggies and complex carbohydrates day
Fri – Protein and veggies day
Sat - Protein with veggies and complex carbohydrates day
Sun – All fruit day and protein day

OK, keep moving towards your finish line


Larry said...

Sounds like a good plan. Have a great vacation. How nice - a month off. WOW!

Michael said...

You are right...don't beat yourself up! Just move on.