Sunday, August 10, 2008

All fruit and veggies for 5 days on Day 51

Well, I had myself an amazing birthday week! Yep, the celebration started on Thursday and finished yesterday/Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for all of your good well wishes!
I've finally finished the majority of my shopping for my trip - only 2 small items to purchased then I'm done. Everything is thrown into my suitcases to avoid a messy place...everything will be properly packed the week of my trip.
Today, it was upper, sit ups and 30 min cardio - following the same stream of workouts for the next 18 days.
I've taken the bait from Deb, Lilla, and Lynda and others out there who have been doing 3 plus days of eating all raw foods and or juicing. I'm going for 5 days!
Here's my plan:
Sun - all fruit, fresh organic veggie juice and 2 servings of protein (chicken)
Mon - Thur: All fruit and fresh organic juice.
My intent is not to consume any protein whatsoever, but I'll listen to my body and mental state and if I need to, I'll have some protein shakes mixed with water and turkey breasts.
Fri-Sat Carb loading
OK, time to check out some blogs.


Anonymous said...

HI, Diane, thanks for stopping by today. My "baby", Daniel, is doing great! thanks for asking. All the prayers surely helped with him getting better.
sounds like you had a fun birthday week! (my birthday is tomorrow- monday).
I should jump on the raw food bandwagon...just seems so hard.
have fun on your upcoming trip!

Andrew said...

Hey Diane,

Happy belated Birthday, sounds like it was great!!

Take care,