Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Beginning - Only discipline people succeed!

My vacation with my folks and sister was wonderful - I indulged in all my mom's home made cooking, travelled around my native country, enjoyed the culture, basked in the too hot weather, and left there fulfilled.
OK, Oct 1st is here and as promised today begins my final phrase of my fitness journey - noticed I coined the word "final" and I did that deliberately. Final for me on this simply means - this is it, no more extensions to my deadline, no more excuses, no more fan fare. Through observation of my own journey I've noticed that reaching my personal finish line seems to be non attainable, and by my own initiation it's extended, then a few months later I look at my lack of noticeable progress and get mad at self. It is a cycle I will no longer participate in.

Taking a look at some success stories on tells me that it not only can be done, but it can be done within a time period less that what I've been doing. At times I feel like a gerbil spinning its wheels, blogging daily but seeing unfavourable results. I am determined to be a success story - to prove to self that I have it in me to be dedicated and disciplined and to achieve this fitness goal.

It is time to live the "hear me roar watch me soar"
Alright, time to get down to business...lets' do it!

Current stats:
Body weight:140lbs
Goal: To lose 12-15lbs of fat and reduce my waist to 26-28"
Start date
: Oct 1st 2008
End date: Dec 24th 2008
Eating Plan:
5-6 small meals comprising of wholesome foods.
1 serving of fruit per day
Protein and fibrous carbs with at least 3 meals
Limited complex carbs
Multi/B-complex/Udo oil/Glutamine/CLA/Calcium

Exercise Plan

Week 1-30 min/Week 2-35 min/Week 3-40 min/Week 4-45 min
Lifting medium to heavy/cardio moderate to high
Mon - Upper & cardio
Tue - Lower & cardio/sit-ups
Wed - Rest
Thurs -Upper & cardio
Fri - Lower & cardio/sit-ups
Sat - Cardio
Sun - Rest, stretch and sit-ups


Shari Kraft said...

You go girl! We are all behind you! Thanks for visiting me yesterday. Your input is very appreciated.

Marbella said...

Great to have you back with us again....was waiting for October just to see how your vacation went. Where is your native land? In Canada? Your new plan sounds so good, and will come often to see how it´s going. You can do this! Day by little day!

Tim Rosanelli said...

Hi Diane,
It's wonderful to see that your committing to your goals.

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