Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2 of week 1

1st day without consuming mass amounts of sugar was successful...actually I did excellent except for a few "mathi" (sweet treats) at a friend's home celebrating the end of the Muslim's 30 days of fasting and prayer.
Today my goal is to not have anything with sugar going forward, including anything with alcohol.
Again today I had a cup of coffee and the after effects on my stomach as spoken...stop taking that crap!
So no more sugars and coffee.
Into my first week of getting back into the grind and I'm happy with my progress.
1 serving of fruit is my daily limit, but I need to add more veggies to my daily diet...not consuming enough.
Will begin juicing fresh vegetables again from this PM.
Today is another session of upper and cardio.
I'm rolling around the idea of veggie juicing all day on WED - seeing that is my rest day, and in the evening maybe adding some protein.
Took pictures this AM - not pretty:-) but needed to be done and what I am looking at is changing daily for the better- "progressing with positive results" will be my other motto on this journey! I will post pictures on Sat.
"Hear me roar , watch me soar as I progress with positive results"


juli gets happy said...

Happy that you are back, you sound very determind. Great start, :-).


Anonymous said...

welcome back! glad you enjoyed your to get back to the grind! stay determined and consistent and you will get to your goal!
I will be listening for that ROAR!