Friday, October 24, 2008

Catch Adam's fire on Daily double shred for 2 weeks

After visiting Adam's blog today I instantly caught the "bug" to join him in the next 2-weeks to do "double shred whatever it takes challenge". Not sure when his start date is, but mine will take effect from Sun/Oct 26th - Sat/Nov 8th. So who wants to come on board? Come on you know you want to!!

Yesterday I decided on an all cardio session, pushed for 20 min then I was done. Today, I'm going to do full strength training and sit-ups for 25 min.
Tomorrow is pic taking and measurements day - it will be shared later in the afternoon as I have company coming over this afternoon and staying the by the time they leave etc. it will more than likely be after 2 pm, but regardless pics will be posted.
I finally found "yeast less bread"...will post a pic excited to have something to eat for lunches besides tortillas...though I must say that tortillas are easier to digest and lighter on the stomach. I've been adding spinach to just about every main meal and love it.
OK, until tomorrow...stay the course and I challenge you to join me and take the "double shred whatever it takes challenge" for 2 weeks. You're going to be so glad you did!


Ron said...

Hey Diane, great to see you so focused! I'm sure you'll do well in your two-week chalenge! said...

Great idea! I'm in for the 2 week challenge. Mine starts Saturday 10/25 - Friday 11/7.

Danny said...

wow, adam sure is good at starting trends. Good luck with the challenge to all who try it.
Im kind of in a tough spot right now, waiting for my phisical test date in the next days.
I might join up later though.
Shred on Diane

Anonymous said...

Hey, Diane, you know the spark to do these things always starts with one person! let's see who will light their fire to do this? It all starts with a little excitement! and you've got it! thanks!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks guys! Hey Lililla, 14 days for oyu finishes on the 9th Nov. No cheating kiddo:-) Come on Suzette and Ron get into the game...hope Danny can join us.