Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pic day after week 3.3 days and prep time

Yummy yeast free bread
Noticeable changes in my back
Not much noticeable changes in my front, but lost inches.
After checking my start date (Oct 1st/2008) on my "lose the fat tone the muscle challenge" I must have miscalculated because today marks 3 weeks 3 days into the challenge. Nevertheless, I promised pics and pics are here. I'll wait to reveal my measurements next Sat.
Glad to see that the fire has been lit with a few others to join Adam in his 2 weeks of daily double workouts.
Company has left, so I'm about to hit the gym...I will be posting to my blog daily for the next 2 weeks as I participate in this challenge. (I noticed that Adam did his first unofficial daily double workout today) I'll be spending time today putting together my written plan to execute the "Adam's daily double shred challenge for 2 weeks" starting tomorrow. I'll share more on that in tomorrow's post!
OK, enjoy the rest of your week-end..until tomorrow stay the course and don't even think of quitting.

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