Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 2 on RPT 2.0 14 day Challenge

Working and workout gear!

Just completed another great workout - T.Mill was down but I had other options ready!
WOW!!! I've had the chance to check out a number of shredders blogs, and everyone appears to be fired up and in all the way for the next 14 days. This shred should outshine the last one...Adam, you need to be thinking...have some ideas thrown out there for continuing this or adding a twist.
I particularly like JK's http://www.killbam.net/index.php?/categories/14-Training statement and post today"smashing expectations" check it out!
I'm taking from everyone attitude and thoughts on this 14 day challenge to keep my fire blazing...not just lit!
Yesterday my 30 min cardio session of progressive running was tough...12 min to go and I was spent, but I kept thinking about my fellow shredders out there, knowing that they're doing their best. So what did I do? I pushed, I increased my speed and upped the level from 0 to 1. I went big and felt awesome afterwards.
So that is the same attitude I will take to every workout, every lift, every cardio session and every meal consumed will be as done to produce nothing but "massive, smashing results" because like every person that is plugged into this plan we're doing this expecting nothing less than "smashing expectations"
Pics will be added this PM.


Nick said...

Hey Debbie,
Thanks for the comment on my blog :) U sound like you're blasting along already! Keep at it!


Debbie said...

Hi Diane, stopping by to say hello and to say thanks for inspiring the new challenge!!

Danny said...

You deffinetely seem confident!
I wasnt there for group shred 1.0, but im sure that GS 2.0 is going to either match or surpass the first.
It can only get better!

Shred on and thanks for commenting on my blog.


KaliLilla.com said...

You are the greatest cheerleader! Gets me pumped ever time I read your blog. :)