Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 4 of RTP 2.0 Challenge as I welcome the stairs

Just completed another gruesome workout - upper, sit-ups...hitting the weights heavy with minimal amount of rest between sets. Then I hit the time like the present, and with the T. Mill down that is my next best cardio workout. One word BRUTAL...set the timer for 25 min and took off...after climbing 22FS 4 times up and 4 times legs felt as if weights were attached to them, but I lifted one step at a time and I got the job done, and equally gald to hear the sound of the buzzer:-)

Over the years I've learnt through first hand experience that temporary gratification, is just that temporary...the desire for a quick fix is gone after that indulgence. Then what is left? Usually it is a sense of self disappointment with a pile of emotions that use precious energy, which means delayed results.

Today, when I find myself tempted to give into temporary gratification I have learnt to stop and ask myself about the after effects, benefits of the indulgence and in the end the answer nullifies that desire. As much as I engage my mind through visualization to propel myself towards successfully attaining my goals, I find it useful to use it in ways that will remind me of why I shouldn't venture down a certain path again. Both process I've found to be equally beneficial!

It's another day of fulfillment; to follow through on my commitment as I continue to raise the bar with my nutrition and exercise.I'm going to incorporate stair climbing again into my cardio session. I've slacked off with my sit-ups...need to work that area too.

No one can do what's best for you like you can!


Ron said...

Thanks for the good post about fighting the urge for quick gratification. I need to remember what you wrote here next time I get some food cravings.

Jen's Journey said...

You are doing SO great!! Keep reaching!

So happy to have come across your blog!!!!!


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

I totally agree with Ron. I dig on the immediate gratification info. It's like I know it intuitively when I'm in the zone, but when I'm all tempted and crazy it's nice to have it put out there step by step. Alcoholics call it thinking through the drink. I use the thought process in other places, but reading this about the food just really crystalizes it. Great post. One day, I'll be able to hit the stairs like you. One day. :)