Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 5 of RTP 2.0 Challenge and 1 month later

Today wraps up one month of my 3 month journey to leanness. I'm extremely happy with my results to date, and look forward to the next month that will be different from this month. Different in the sense of my focus (it is at its sharpest) and a new workout plan - I realized that I'm not just wanting to get lean, but beyond that I've discovered that the reason why I've been doing this for 15 plus years is because I am passionate about fitness, and want to help others on this journey.
I fully understand why I regress from saying and writing these words "I've reached my fitness goals". As I continue on this journey I KNOW what it takes to get the job done; I KNOW my weaknesses and my strengths and I KNOW that this time I will do it. Why? Because I have a larger vision in mind beyond just wanting to "lean out". What I say doesn't count unless I live it!

If I want to be an example I have to present proof, and my body is the only evidence I have to make a statement on this subject.Would you hire a trainer that is out of shape to train you? Didn't think so!I'll get more into detail on what is unfolding at a later time. I admit that I missed the stairs despite the excruciating feeling of exhaustion of burning lungs and heavy legs, so stair climbing will now be a major part of my cardio workouts.
OK, until tomorrow you know what needs to get done, so get to it!

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Marbella said...

Such a good post. I am with you, have been doing this too as a old-timer, and am still at it. Means we really DONT want to get there. What did your nutritionalist say to do? What will you be doing differently? Eating? Workout? Love that you are doing this another way now. Sounds like a great new goal you have on the back burner.