Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy day, focused mind, intense workout

As I move into week 3 my mind is focused on mental preparedness. Getting my mind ready this week is going to be by far the most important ever. Why? Well this is the week that I’m meeting my naturopath for testing and afterwards I’ll be placed on a restricted diet to remove toxins, metals, shrinking those fibroid, and whatever else that is needed from my body. There are 3 levels of this plan 1) restricted from all starch, sugars, caffeine and alcohol 2) restricted from only sugars, caffeine, and alcohol 3) restricted from sugars only. Added to that there are certain foods that (after taking the food allergy test) that you’ll need to refrain from taking. I will let you know what level I'm starting with. (nail biting:-) A friend is now on this plan for 2 months and it isn’t easy, but the rewards have been many, so it is worth the sacrifice. This is going to be fun, (yeah right) but I need to do this and I know the benefits will far outweigh the sacrifice.

My muscles took a beating from Saturday's workout – wanted to crank things up a bit, so I went for a full body workout plus cardio. 17 min upper/12 min lower/25 min of cardio plus 2 min of sit-ups. My body told me how intense my workout was on Sunday morning.

This week my workout time is bumped to 40 min. Today is upper, sit-ups and cardio and I continue to follow the meal plan as outlined on the link shared 2 weeks ago on my post, with a small amount of complex carbohydrates added in the AM.
For the rest of the day I’m going to relax…it is my lazy day…it’s raining out, and besides a bit of laundry and prep for lunches this week, I’m taking it easy.
Perfect timing…drank the last bit of my green tea, now it is time to get into my workout gear and hit the weights and cardio machine.
Make it your best week ever by doing something special for someone else besides you!


Marbella said...

Hi Diane,
Wonderful to have you back with us again. We missed you on your vacation!
Wanted to ask you to check out DOUGAL´s blog of today as he´s in real trouble and has asked our help. Knew that you´d want to help if you can. Am worried.
Take care...
Lynda said...

I'm a big believer in Naturopathy. This plan sounds wonderful and I will be curious to read about your progress. You can do it and like you said the reward will be soooo worth it!