Friday, October 17, 2008

Transitioning while doing it right

Tuesday Oct 14th I decided after much discomfort in my digestive tract, feeling sluggish, bloated and just not right I would cold turkey from that moment stop punishing myself by allowing certain foods to control me, with an outcome of total destruction of my body.So I've since been off of coffee, alcohol and all sugars.

I found some amazing turkey sausages and organic hemp seeds (10g of protein per 3 tbsp)that are now added to my meal plan. I tried the "chocolate mylk" that Lallia suggested and I must say that I am now hooked. I take a glass in the AM and PM. In the PM I add 1 scoop of protein powder and 1 TBSP of Udo oil; taking it either before or after my workouts.I find that daily juicing causes my complexion to radiate and glow with a look fresh all day. I've decided that I will not go without having at least one glass of fresh organic veggie juice - that means carting it around with me when I over nite at friends' home etc.

My plan from the naturopath is in and I'm on a restricted meal plan - all of what I've mentioned I'm off along with no peppers, cucumbers, red meat (not that I eat a lot of that), oh no cheese:-( double :-(:-(My visit to the naturopath was very informative - intensive kineslogy testing were conducted to find out what plan and natural supplements I need to get my body back into a homeostasis state, which is called the "Eating Alive Program" includes improving intestinal flora and liver function—getting yeast out of my gut and metals out of my liver and other organs. In a nutshell for the next 6-8 weeks I am off of the following:Alcohol/Processed foods/all products containing yeast/preservatives/coffee/all sugars/cheese/milk/reduced salt intake/certain vegetables and fruit due to the high acidic level, and all vegetables must be cooked for the next 2 weeks or juiced which must be warm.

Testing on my blood and urine were conducted - the results on my blood shows that there are toxin in my body which contributes to a slower metabolism, headaches, tiredness etc. My urine shows high level of acidity and inflammation.I've been forewarned that for 3-14 days I may experience withdrawals or low energy as the toxins in my body works its way out. This week was productive both with my eating and exercising - next week my workout time will be maintained at 40 min.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow - stay the course and don't even entertain the thought of quitting, because you deserve the very best!

4 comments: said...

Sounds like really thorough extensive tests and a great plan! SO happy for you to be on the road to optimum health.

p.s. Thrilled to hear that you love the chocolate mylk! I've found that a little bit of carrot and a LOT of spinach really brings out the chocolatey-ness. Right now, I find that 2 carrots, 2 bunches of spinach and 1 head of romaine is perfect! Sometimes I add Udo's and a dash of raw cacao powder to really make it chocolate heaven in a cup. ;D

Debbie said...

Diane, I'm just catching up on your blog. I am so impressed with your new mission. I wish you all the best and will follow your progress!

Marbella said...

So interesting to see what your new nutritionalist is doing for you. How wonderful to be going forward so well and so fast. Good luck to you. Wish you all success!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

thanks ladies...your support and encouragement has and will continue to be valuable to me.