Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I refuse to

allow myself to regain the fat I've lost.
to give into any temptation that will inhibit my success.
I refuse to allow my mind to succumb to paralyzing thoughts.
I injured my back, therefore I'll be out exercising commission for the rest of the week. It sucks, but as I travelled home I was thinking that maybe I should give my body a break from exercising for a week, as I've been hitting it hard since Sept 29th. So when my back got injured I took it as a yes, now take a few days off.
As per the pic above it clearly shows that though I'm not physically working out, I still have my game face on. I have arrived to the place where my mind and body agrees that I will not regress, I will not regain the fat I've lost, but rather I will continue to make strides towards my finish line of Jan 28th. 2009 my journey towards leanness.


angienicholas said...

good luck you can do this. hope your back feels better soon. Thank you so much for the amazing comment means the world to me to have your support. Angie

Jason said...

You've got a great attitude. I know you are going to meet all of your goals by Jan 28!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Angie, you are so welcome...I know where you're at and can relate. I also know that you have the right attitude and based on that you will reach your goals.

Jason: Thanks for your compliment...trial and error and getting it right...lessons of life we learn.