Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking to crank things up!

Yesterday I didn't get a workout in because on my way home on the train I felt ill...arrived home and literally had no energy whatsoever. Not sure what that was about but it just hit me - I attempted to do my upper body work, but it was a no go!
So, I've been thinking about that, my goals, deadline and PRW and realize that I need to be constantly challenged in this area to keep me ticking...yeah, take massive action!
While watching "the biggest loser" last night one of the contestant said "I don't have tomorrow, all I have is right now so I have to give my best now" Powerful!
With that said, I've decided to give P90X a whirl...I should check in with Shari on her experience with this program.
Going forward all of my workouts are now on a 8x11 calendar print out on the fridge where I can see it every daily.
I'm stirred to take greater action so that I can continue to progress with positive results, all the while keeping in mind that "it takes work, but it's worth it"
Pics will be posted this PM!

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