Monday, November 24, 2008

Pushing through and shutting down old patterns with new

BBQ turkey and chicken and baked squash with turnip, onions and garlic!
Today I found my mind taking me down this old unproductive road "it's fall, it's dark and cold...relax with your workout and eating, and pick it up in spring". The more I give place to that form of thinking I found myself relaxing into releasing everything I've accomplished since Oct 1st.
Then it hit old thought pattern that ALWAYS gets me off track was this method of thinking, but this time I was ready. I recognized that entertaining such thoughts are simply excuses and that was what derailed my progress in the past.
I shut down, stopped feeding on those thoughts, refused to give life to it, and instead rose up with my goals/deadline and PRW...this kick started me into a wicked 30 min workout this pm.
So, when moments like those rise up...whatever used to be the "thing" that gets you off track, shut it down by reading out your goals, deadline and PRW and engage will be empowered and continue to take daily progressive steps towards your finish line.


Suzette said...

Diane! so awesome to put those "old" ways of thinking to rest! that is truly living in "real time"! keep rocking it out, girlfriend!!

angienicholas said...

I think that's what I need to do good advice. Your doing great awesome progress pictures. Angie