Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preping on the start of Week 8 and I won the challenge

Chillin with Sally
Getting down with Matt

Toasting without a drink with Alex and Sydney

A quick pic before me and Cyn head out to the party

All dolled up in my size 8 shimmy dress and feeling and looking priceless:-)
As promised here are the pics and I won the challenge made with Matt 6 weeks ago. I'm now $100 richer:-)
Matt: to gain the most muscle in inches - 1 inch gained!
Me: to lose the most fat in inches - 4 inches lost!
Had a blast at my work Christmas party as the pics can tell! Only had 1 drink "rum and coke" and a few sips of white wine. For dessert I had 1 bite size mini tart and cheese cake; and it was truly a bite size. Danced all night long, so I guess I must have worked off the desserts and drink.
Today was spent grocery shopping and preparing meals for this week. Tried to upload what I cooked, but for some reason the pics would not load...tomorrow I'll share those pics along with a recipe.
This evening will be spent relaxing in front of the TV before retiring to bed.
My shift for the next 3 weeks has changed to 7-3 so I can get a workout in the AM and PM.
AM workouts will be limited to no more than 20 min.
I realized that since last Wed evening I've been subjected to eating out...yuck!! I can't stand eating out so much...dinner engagements. This week I've no evening events that surrounds dinner or eating so I'm very happy about that.
Nutritional Plan: Continues to be 110% compliance!
Exercise Plan:
Mon - Cardio am/pm and sit ups
Tue - Cardio am/pm full body strength training and cardio
Wed - Cardio am/pm and sit ups
Thur - Cardio am/pm full body strength training and cardio
Fri - Cardio and sit-ups
Sat - Off
Alright, until tomorrow then!
PS I didn't get to posting pics today, but will tomorrow for sure.
PPS Got module 3 from Adam and looking forward to the read tomorrow!

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Mike Groom said...

Wow Diane! Lookin' pretty snazzy there!