Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day 9 of RTP 2.0 Challenge

It is such a good feeling to put on clothes that were fitting snug a month ago and find they're not just loose, but really loose:-) and when I sit down...I can barely grab any fat...now that's a very good thing!
Last night my 20 min upper and sit-ups were taxing as I added two new exercises to my workout. Not sure what it's called, but got it from the "Spartan 300 exercises". where you have one arm behind your back, pick up a dumb bell and lift to shoulder then up, then return to the floor, repeating for x amount of reps, then switching to the other arm.
It was a burner, but a good one!
Then it was time to do plank exercise one word...nasty!
Today it is leg day with moderate cardio on the T.Mill for no more than 25 min, I'm looking forward to a good HITT run.
I haven't shared much about my nutrition meal intake, as it is as clean as a whistle...without any cheat meal or day:-(. not by choice I might add, but being placed on a restrictive eating plan does not entertain any cheating for 6-8 weeks.

My work Christmas party is on Nov 22nd, and I will be asking my doc if I can indulge in 1 glass of wine and share a dessert with a friend.
Alright shredders, stay the course! Pics will be uploaded this PM.


Mike Groom said...

Sounds like you are progressing well Diane!

Jason said...

That sounds like a pretty strict diet and exercise routine that would take a lot of dedication! Keep up the excellent work!

Danny said...

hey diane.
I know the feeling. Only that tons of my stuff is now overly baggy, lol.
By the way, what is the reason your limiting your T.Mill session to 25 min?

Your doing great!
Shred on

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Danny I decided to limit my cardio training to a minimal this week, because I want to give my body a bit of rest(was going intense for 4 weeks)...trick it in the process and then have a cardio crazy week from Sun.