Monday, November 3, 2008

Week 5 of getting lean challenge & Day 8 of RTP challenge

After any workout it is so important to stretch even if all you want to do is hit the shower and relax. Benefits of stretching: Releases muscle tension /Helps with flexibility in the joints/ Enhanced muscle coordination/ Increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body which results in increased energy levels.

So when you awake after an intense workout the day before, you won't be dragging your butt around like a granny:-) I deliberately stretched yesterday after my stair climbing, and my muscles aren't screaming blue murder to me!

Not much else to share today - decided on a 20 min upper with sit-ups as my back has been sore since last night and I don't want to overdo it; so no cardio for me today...back at it tomorrow. Cardio this week will be scaled back to 2 intense days on the stairs (one down) and 1 moderate day on the T.Mill. Next week it will be crazy cardio week!

Instead of talking yourself out of getting fit, talk yourself into getting fit...turn the tide, and do something constructive for yourself.

3 comments: said...

Stretching is more important than most people realize. I love doing yoga moves after my w/o.

Stay strong, work it!

Jen's Journey said...

You at you go!!! Keep reaching and working hard!!!

I need to stretch more big time - that should be my goal for this month!


Debbie said...

I also love to stretch but usually seem to run out of time after my workouts. Thanks for the reminder.