Sunday, November 2, 2008

At the Half way mark of RTP 2.0 challenge

To all the shredders - congrats to those who have stuck with the plan...we're half way there! I hit the stairs until I mastered 22FSx5 up and down...I started with the on completing this challenge even if it slows me down to a crawl. I must say when I finished 3.5x22 I started to entertain the notion that I don't have it in me to complete 5 as planned, but I stayed the course and finished at the sound of the timer set for 30 min.
Last night I watched the movie "Run fat boy run" it was very good...funny with some real life lessons within the script; worth a look.

Passing on a tip - I usually purchase organic spinach in a huge bag, but by the middle of the week despite using a lot, the leaves starts to go soft. I recently discovered that dividing the spinach into the portions you need, then putting them into ziplock baggies and tossing them in the freezer (make sure the leaves are dry)keeps them fresh; thus no spoilage. You can actually take them out of the freezer - and they crush into pieces or drop them whole into your dishes...walla!
After my workout I cleaned my patio, then fired up the grill to BBQ some chicken breasts.
Baked spaghetti squash last night and saute onions and garlic and added to the squash - yum!!

OK, that it for today! I'm all ready for another successful week and thinking the same for all the shredders out there!


Adam Waters said...

Congrats on finishing your stair challenge Diane, sounds brutal! 7 down, 7 to go! Shred on!

Jason said...

Thanks for the spinach tip. I have had the same problem. I'll have to try that out. Keep Shreding!