Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just over the 2 month mark on Day 58-120

I can't believe that my body is still being affected with DOMS, and I have to hit the weights hard for another upper bod workout today. I am nevertheless excited to get in another powerful session, and know that I will go to the extreme because tomorrow is a rest day plus a bonus of 1 hour massage. With such a wonderful treat to look forward to how can I not go strong?
Just finished my workout - one word? Fire! It felt like my muscles were on fire, but when my body cried "no more", my mind said "it can be done" and I did it!
Finished it off with 30 min of steady state cardio!
I've been thinking about my pic posting and have been rolling around a few ideas
A) I like posting 1 reveal pic a week because that way you can see and make a better comparison on my gains or loss within that week.
B) Posting reveal pics (back and or front) daily keeps me personally accountable, because any slips will be obviously reveal by seeing the daily reveal pics.
Going with choice B will help me keep that edge as I press through this month for greatness! Seeing that I am all about going for greatness during this phrase to Dec 31st, I think I should go for daily reveal - what do you think?
OK, time to send Adam an email on his module 5!
Stay the course!

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