Thursday, December 4, 2008

Making it count on Day 60 of 120

Today was a busier than usual day - arrived home later than usual but on the train home my mind was walking through my workout. Due to an all day course I didn't have the opportunity to stick to my regular 2-3 hour feed, but that wasn't going to deter me. Hungry or not, this workout was going to be done.
It was leg day and I completed 4 sets of 12/10/8 of 4 different types of exercises; then finished off with 20 min of HITT to expel the lactic acid built up.
Not much else to say, except that I had to return my size medium sweaters for a size small:-)
OK, time to have a late supper; until tomorrow make every lift, every cardio session count-do it as if your life depends upon it, and make it count!

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angienicholas said...

I like what you said at the end of this post. it is great that is basically what Brady from the biggest loser said at the last episode if you sweet some sweet some more and then some more. Have a great weekend Angie