Friday, December 19, 2008

Working the program and getting results

Alright, my Internet service is still down, but I want to assure you that I am doing my thing, and taking daily pics. Once it is up and running I will post all of them in date order.
Had an amazing upper body workout plus 40 min of cardio last night. It is such a sweet feeling of victory to finally begin to see the results you've been dreaming of an anticipating.
My expressions has simply been "wow"! It comes down to finding a program that works for you, working it, staying diligent, surround yourself with like minded people "Shredder Sphere" and gain massive support from amazing people like Adam, Mike, Suzzette, Angie, Deb, Lilla, Ron, Jason and all the other shredders.
I know that without this community my results would have been super delayed and lack the zeal and fire I now have to get the job done.
I'm so thankful to all you great people, and I'd like to encourage and challenge you to stay the course, don't quit because it can be done.
This PM I'll be working on my lower body, sit-ups and cardio.
Tomorrow in case I don't have access, I'll be doing an all out cardio session and Sun it is back to upper.
Remember, it takes work but it is so worth it!


angienicholas said...

glade your doing well at least you can still do your updates from work. Would miss your posts if you couldn't thank you for the mention and for your continued support as well Have a great weekend and remember no excuses. Angie said...

SO true - support from friends like you makes such a difference!! Keep shredding and enjoy your holidays!
Love, Lil