Friday, January 16, 2009

It is happening on Day 90 of 120

Every time I pull out a piece of clothing from my closet and see how well it fits I realize that what I have dreamed about is happening. Not only in the way my clothes are fitting, but it is mostly in the fat loss that has taken place, and as a result the muscle definition that is been seen.
I have never gotten this close to seeing what my mind has visualize has now manifested in a tangible way, and it is so adding huge amount of fuel to me. As Suzette quotes says "I'm unstoppable" That is the place I'm at and I'm so in the zone.
My nutritional plan has taken a 360 degree turn for the better, and I know this has been the key factor that has propelled me to achieving this success.
Today I completed an intense cardio session plus sit-ups.
I'd like to encourage everyone who is on this journey to stay the course, make changes that are necessary to get you the results you desire, and regardless of the set backs and temptations that WILL come, don't quit, don't...if you don't fervently believe that you are deserving of the best, then go ahead and quit, but if you believe that you are then dig deep and keep moving.

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Anonymous said...

Diane, You are just bringin' the house down!!! You are rockin' girl!! YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!! Keep that attitude and you will get your goals sooner than you think!!