Saturday, January 10, 2009

It isn't easy on Day 85 of 120

I missed a few day of posting, but have been keeping up with my workouts and clean eating.
Pic posting for today Sat is loaded and I'm encouraged at the progress I'm making.
Last night was my cheat meal and I enjoyed a sushi dinner with 1 coke and watched "The curious case of Benjamin Buttons". A very good movie with a number of positive messages.
Today's workout wasn't easy, but every time I was tempted to do less than my plan, I reminded myself that "it can be done" and I pictured my fellow shredders working hard towards their goals, and I found what I needed to keep moving to complete my workout. Two thumbs up!
Today was legs/sit-ups and stairs 5x22FS.
OK, gotta run, have a wonderful week-end all and remember when you're tempted to quit - dig deep and keep moving.


juli gets happy said...

Hey diane, I think you are looking so very good in your outfit, very firm and strong. Enjoy your weekend too, Juli

angienicholas said...

good for you. your looking amazing keep up the hard work Angie

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Hi ladies:
Thanks for your encouraging comments; they mean a lot to me. It is sure a great feeling to fit into clothes (that top)comfortably..last time I wore it was 2 years ago.