Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bringing it home on Day 105 of 120

I'm 15 days out to completing my 120 days journey towards leanness. The days that I did not workout due to being sick were not included in this count, thus it will appear that a longer time was taken to get to 120 days, so if you're wondering. There you have it!
As I'd stated in my last Sunday's post for the remaining of my 15 days I'll be sticking to the same nutritional and exercise plan, simply because I'm achieving wonderful results, so why rock the boat I say.
Today was another wicked upper, sit-ups with about 5 min of jumping jacks.
Time to visit my fellow shredders blogs for a quick read, then time to hit the books.
Make the decision to exceed your fitness goals, count the cost, stay the course, and know that it can be done.

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