Sunday, February 15, 2009

Excitement rising on Day 109 of 120

After taking two days off from exercising due to fighting a cold, I was antsy to get back into my regular workout routine. Yesterday I was missing the weights so much and came to the conclusion that fitness and nutrition is in my blood. It runs in my veins and it is something that I love to do for a number of reasons. It is an investment into my health, it serves as a great stress reliever, it helps me to focus and get my creative juices flowing, it makes me look younger, it adds to my self confidence, it increases my sex drive, it makes me feel good about me, and I love helping others realize that they can achieve any fitness level they want to. It can be done.

Today I clocked in 25 min of upper and sit-ups. For the rest of my 11 days out my plan is to increase the lifts, and incorporate 20 min cardio in the AM and 20 min again in the PM.
My nutritional plan is going huge on fresh organic juicing, eating veggies, protein, oatmeal, apples, and nuts; with limited amounts of complex carbs which will be consumed by 3PM.
Friday and Sat I indulged by having a treat of one chocolate bar, and some home made apple crumble and a bit of ice cream. For the remaining 11 days there will be no treats or alcohol.
No picture or measurements will be posted until day 120.
OK, hit the weights, feel the burn, stay the course and make progressive steps towards your finish line.

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