Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doing things out of the ordinary and being spontaneous

Being spontaneous and doing things put of the ordinary can sometimes be fun; especially when you're with the right person or group of people.
Got an email from two gal friends who were craving food that contained coconut and curry...was I up to it? Hmmmmmmmm, it would be an early dinner and I would still have time to get my leg work in. Sure! Not that I was going to indulge in coconut curry, but going to a Thai restaurant there's bound to be a lot of dishes with vegetables on the menu.
Prior to heading out to eat we decided to go shopping - Shopping with girl friends are always fun...let me rephrase that...the right girl or guy friends can be a blast.
So there we were three gals hitting the street in search for clothes...anything that would catch our eye and look good on our bodies.
I was in search for slacks and some simple plain tees without all the frills.
Walked into The Gap, saw a wicked pair of navy blue slacks but alas size 6 wasn't there...the attendant said "we have a 4 and an 8". Ah, this might be a stretch but let's try the 4. Should I continue with this story??? let just say "hand in glove baby":)

I was on cloud number 99 and was happy to have Sharon and Aneet there to share in this moment with.
Dinner was delightful...the weather in Vancouver yesterday was a mix of everything except rain and was cold, extremely windy and sunny all at the same time. Nonetheless Aneet insisted we do something out of the ordinary...she's treating to ice cream on a cold day...we hooked arms and headed to Rocky Road chocolate store.
I limited myself to one scoop of maple walnut...after a plateful of green beans and a few prawns and my news...I think I deserved that treat:).

So there we were three ladies enjoying the moment of doing something on the fly...laughing, giggling, shopping, dinner and now freezing our buns off while eating cups of ice cream. It was wonderful!
Besides my cloud 99 experience I realized that when we're asked to do something spontaneous, different or new from what may break up our routine is worth doing...just think of all the fun I'd missed if I'd said no!

Great girl friends, times filled with laughter, giggles, shopping, food, ice cream and remising of child hood memories of sucking on lollipops until your tongue turns red or blue and thinking it's the coolest thing ever. Life - made up of moments like these that are captured forever in my memory...and the cloud 99 experience...of course:)

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