Sunday, March 22, 2009

One week into my cutting phase and loving the results

Pictures taken today

Today one week ago

Well let the pictures tell the tale - it has been an incredible week for my fat and measurement loss to date. Make that .5 in all counts. Noticeable changes in my AB area and arms - what my goal is to lean out and get define with the least amount of BF.
I'm pushing hard in my workouts, while my nutritional side is so clean it squeaks; my portion control and eating times are down to a science with one thing on my mind - my upcoming photo shoot. Air brushing is not going to be made on any of my photos. When my breakfast comprises of things like tuna, zucchini, onions, spinach and salsa, and sometimes the same for lunches, with snacks like nuts, protein drink and veggie drinks, my co-workers and some friends thinks I am strange - well what can I say? My strange eating is getting me the results I desire and I am unstoppable. At 44 years old I am living in the body I'm stoked about.
One week down with the start of week two in place.
Having said that please note that I am fully aware that "life" isn't about our outer shell the "body", but our soul...the heart. I strive to incorporate a healthy balance in my life, but if you're not happy with the body you're in then it does affect the other areas of your life (my opinion) and when I'm in that place I do not function at my full 110%. We will all agree that we are only given one body and we are responsible for taking the best care of it in every way.
Alright, keep your eye on the prize, stay the course and don't quit - you can so do it!


Anonymous said...

looking good, diane!! keep it up!! you are rockin'!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks Suzette!