Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The results are in

Here are the stats:
Day 1 - BF 23%/Arms 12.5 inches/Chest 39 inches/Waist 31 inches/Thighs 24.5 inches/Calves 14.5 inches
Day 120 - BF 13 1/4 %/Arm 11 3/4 inches/Chest 36 inches/Waist 27 inches/Thighs 22 inches/Calves 13 inches

I couldn't be more happy with my progress. This leg of my journey towards leanness has taught me so much about myself, reconfirmed a number of things in my heart, empowered me to help others in a greater way which has resulted in many opportunities - it is amazing what manifested evidence can do. My confidence and focus as a result of being on this journey has soared like an eagle. Through years of ups, downs, trials and errors, failure and success on this journey I've discovered that anyone can attain to anything they set their minds to regardless of their demographics, age, or sex. It takes desire, discipline, action and encouragement from like minded people whose support will carry you through. My physical state when I started was a reflection of my mental state - dealing with personal issues that manifested outwardly...everyone has their own vise even if it is self destructing and hidden. But thank God for the time given, the grace given, the opportunities given to apply change.
A healthy body is created not in the gym room, but first in the mind, then in the kitchen, then the gym/workouts.
Throughout the past 3 years I've worked a few programs that were beneficial, but I needed something more. I needed power in my mind, my nutrition and in my workouts and little by little I got it.
This post would be incomplete if I did not mention people who encouraged me along the way - Debbie, Suzette, Linda, Lilia, Aussie Mike, Michael, Angie, Dougal and special thanks to Mr. Adam Waters - my champion and hero in the fitness industry. Thank you so very much!
What's next for me? I'm getting geared up to begin another mini leg - working on eliminating the rest of that stomach fat gone before my photo shoot in April. As I begin the next leg I will keep you posted as to what's unfolding in my life...I'm tickled pink, loving life like there's no tomorrow and simply living my dream! It can be done.


Matt said...

WOW!!! Congrats Diane! You look incredible! What a difference! You're truly an inspiration; thanks for pouring your knowledge and motivation into me to set fitness goals... IT CAN BE DONE!

Adam Waters said...

Awesome results Diane, you have done an amazing job in a very short span of time and posted very impressive results! You are so right about a healthy body first being created in the mind!

I look forward to seeing your photo shoot in April!

Shred on,

Mike Groom said...

Wow, fantastic work Diane! I am very impressed with your progress. You look great!

hazel said...

Diane, that's just incredible!! Wow! You can definitely you've changed not only inside and out. The day 120 pictures of not only a much healthier Diane, but a happier, energetic one too. Good luck with your shoot in April :)

Anonymous said...

Diane, that is amazing!! Good job! you have indeed proven if the mind is right the body will follow! so proud of you!
photo shoot here we come!!

Debbie said...

Fantastic results Diane. I know you must be feeling very proud of yourself - and you should. You stuck with it and the rewards have paid off!! said...

Simply AWESOME! Inspiring... :D

Ron said...

Awesome results, Diane!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Thanks guys...your help got me there.

dougal said...

Absolutely inspiring D, wonderful to see a friend achieving amazing things. Go Girl.