Sunday, March 15, 2009

40 days Cutting and Muscle Defining - Day 1

Today begins another mini journey of "40 days Cutting and Muscle Defining"
Decided to enter into another phase of this journey because there's still area around my mid section and legs that I would like to see carrying less fat and more defined.
I'm noticing every time I complete a leg of my journey - fitness or otherwise I am always looking to keep striving higher...what can I do now?
My ultimate desire is to see my body cut and defined. So within the next 40 days that is my goal and I will get there.
I'll be implementing carb cycling of HC/LC and NC days. All alcohol and sugars will be avoided.
My workout will be a mix of upper of back and chest/lower/upper of shoulders and biceps and ab work. I'll be mixing 20 min high intense strength training with 45 min moderate sessions. My cardio sessions will be a mix of HITT, progessive overload regression of various level and speed between 25-45 min.
Pictures will be posted after the completion of each week. Keep moving, don't quit - it can be done.
"There's no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps"
Peter A. Cohen

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