Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time and Progress

Time is constant, it is continually on the move, and as it moves on so should our progress. In whatever we've set our hands to do in this life; be it short or long term, we should be progressing. Granted we will not see changes within the movement of time - but within weeks, months and years they are manifested in visible form.
We keep moving forward despite minor setbacks; it all begins with one step, then another, then at times we take giant strides. Whatever the pace, we move ahead with our eye on the prize; focused in on our possibilities, making adjustments and changes as required until we arrive at our finish line.
The bottom line is that we all have the potential to achieve our personal best if we refuse to give up. We have to believe in ourselves enough to know that we have what it takes, that we are capable of making our dreams become a step at a time.
I continue on my cutting journey with my photo shoot date scheduled for May 30th.

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