Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patience, slow and steady without haste

We've all heard this quote before "slow and steady wins the race", then there's something said about a tortoise and a hare...I must be dating myself with that one:) I continue to grow and learn new things about myself as I journey through life. Some surprises me both in a positive and negative ways. The positives I build on, and the negatives I work on changing or eliminating from my life.
Patience is an applicable form of mastery I am learning...it embodies time...you can't effectively allow patience to work without the flow of time.
There are times when I've set deadlines and as I got close to the finish line I realized that I have fallen short. So what's my next course of action? give up? never! I simply accept the truth that A) I either didn't apply myself enough
B) I didn't give myself enough time
Either way I learn and choose to move on eye still focused on the prize. And so it has been on this part of my journey; I had to be patient as I came to understand that being impatient is like worrying...it gets you no where, but gives you a headache and adds unhealthy stress to your life.
Keep the pace, stay in the race...whatever your race is and whatever you do, don't quit.
It can be done!

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