Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mind and Body Struggle

I've always kept my sharing on this blog real - my good and bad days, the times I screw up, failed, won and overcame simply because I am first of all human and despite my positive outlook and how I live, there are days when I get down and the past few days I have been struggling.
I'm 2.1weeks out to my solidified photo shoot, I am 110% happy with my mind and body transformation, but my body has started to tell me in no uncertain terms that my intensity in my nutritional plan and exercising is beginning to wear me out.
My left leg is numb, knee joint sore and mid foot bones painful. My mental state though strong cannot deny the signals my body is sending. I need to listen, slow down, adjust but my fear is that I'll lose what I worked so hard for:(
Should I rest for a few days or push through? The smart thing is to rest, but I am so stoked at my accomplishment that it feels like a drug, a rush, driven to keep pushing.
I rested yesterday, yet despite where I am at my mind is still prepping for my PM workout as I try to fight against the other side of my thoughts that is telling me to pay attention to what my body is saying.
I've been one to tell myself and others to learn the art of "listening to your body"...think it's time I practice what I preach?

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