Sunday, July 26, 2009

A time and season for everything

I took 3 days off exercising, 2 days off studying and took 1 meal to enjoy pizza and a piece of apple pie and a few sips of a friend's beer. I thoroughly enjoyed the break and was glad I not only paid attention to my body and mind, but was thankful for my friends Matt and Cyn who was there to encourage me, along with my cyber friends buffed Stuff, Suzette, Monica, and Loretta.
There's a scripture in the Bible that says "there's a time and season for everything under the sun. A time to be born, a time to die, a time to reap and a time to sow..." It is true we can't fight against what is, and hurry the manifestation of what is to come. I don't think any of us would want anything prematurely, yet we tend to get anxious when what we think we should have "now" is delayed. Ah, if things are beyond my control my worrying, stressing or anxiousness won't hasten the outcome, it would only spiral my mental state into discouragement which could lead to depression.
What I need to accept and work with is what I do have control over period; like my choices - what I choose to do, where I choose to live, what career I choose to follow, what I choose to wear, who I choose to hang with and be a friend to, who I choose not to for my own personal reasons, and how I choose to treat this temple of mine and others are solely in my control. If I abuse any of the things I have power over, then I am 110% responsible for the outcome.
I like this saying not sure who coined it, but it is one of my favourites "feel the pain and do it anyways". It gets me over the hump when my body wants to stop in the middle of a workout and walk away.
"It can be done" my coined statement keeps me grounded and remind me often why I make the sacrifices I make that goes beyond the visible momentary rewards.
We all make sacrifices for what moves us in personal ways; we don't need to justify or explain why we do what we do if there's passion involved and what we're about isn't hurting others or ourselves. I think the bottom line for me comes down to living my life in such a way that it is making a good difference in the lives of those I'll touch. I'm fulfilled, content and oh so blessed.
So make the decision to walk away, leave alone things you have no control over, and what you do have control over, then handle with'll be better for it.

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