Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fitness does not start with the body

I know the past few posts appears to be far apart from my “fitness blogging”, but rest assured this is very much attached to my “fitness” fitness of the mind that leads to an overall fit lifestyle. Who said a fit body is the end all? We can’t attain to a fit body without first working on a healthy mindset.

Nothing happens by chance; sometimes the understanding or the why is revealed and sometimes it isn’t, but regardless I believe that nothing happens by chance. There’s a life lesson to be learned from the events that unfolds in our daily lives. Not that every moment should be spent dissecting every thing, but we know the ones that causes us to react in certain ways that may surprise us, or concurring confirmations in subtle ways to get our attention on a specific matter that will address an issue we’re dealing with. Whatever it maybe, we need to become conscious of such and act…not just process but act.

I’m dedicating this post to my friend Matt because we speak the same language on many levels; he’s not just there as a sounding board, but his responses always leaves me encouraged and challenged.

Last night I shared with Matt that “all week” which felt like two weeks I was dealing with thoughts and choices. Revelation-when I make a choice, it isn’t solidified until I act on it. Hmmmm!!! And so it was as I shared that it suddenly dawned on me it was only Tue. Evening…yikes!!
My thoughts are my reality, it is the picture I choose to paint, to visualize, it is my world, and the truth is; the impact of my thoughts good or bad affects my outlook, words, body language, emotions, and actions. Therefore, the smart thing to do is not just choose my thoughts, but choose healthy thoughts that will shape the world I desire to live in, into what will empower and enable me to live today in a healthy mind (soul), body and spirit.

The best analogy is to compare this to eating unhealthy for a period of time, then switching to healthy eating. Your body feels and functions better. So it is with the thoughts we entertain – what we dwell on and feed will affect our lives in either a positive or negative way…no in-between.
To your fit lifestyle, body, soul and spirit

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Suzette said...

Diane, such a great post today! So true that the choices we make determine our destiny...but not until we act on those choices!
blessings to you.