Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Junk in the Trunk

I'm convinced that our bodies were created to consume only healthy wholesome foods. Sure, the periodic self indulgence into our "favourite" meal or dessert in moderation is OK, but to continually feed this wonderful temple with processed foods eventually will take its toil on our system.
Last week-end I was out of town with friends and one day I treated myself to ice cream, fries, beef burger, beer and chocolate. Oh, and the sampling of wines (I was in wine country, Naramata). At the close of the evening I was a mess, and spent the last waking hours drinking as much water as I possibly could.
Upon returning home on Monday I placed myself on a strict raw food diet of fresh fruit and vegetables with fish. After two days of getting back into my regular way of eating, my energy level has sky rocketed, my body leaner and my system feels like it had a great oil change. Vroom!!
Listen, it is up to you to take care of your temple - body, soul and spirit. Make the decision to begin NOW to take control of your health; by implementing changes that will benefit you.
Enough talking, it's time to move!
It is worth it and you'll be better for DOING it!

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