Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time is nigh

Well, these will be the last pictures taken before my photo shoot - unless it's rained out:(
I'm being optimistic here expecting perfect weather for my big day. Tomorrow I celebrate my 45th Birthday and I've never been more stoked about this age as any other. Why? I'm at the best place yet in my life in all areas - content, free and prosperous. Life just gets better and I'm thankful for everything that I had to experience in my life to this point...yes, even the painful uncertain, confusing, and lonely times. When I was dealing with such I couldn't see or understand the "why" and even though clarity wasn't there in all accounts I am still thankful.
As I gear up to wrap up another stage of my fitness journey I am thinking "what's next for Diane in this area?" It has got to top and challenge me mentally and physically beyond this experience...bring it!
"A coward gets scared and quit, a hero gets scared but still keeps going" Anonymous
It Can Be Done!

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Suzette said...

Diane, you are looking amazing. You have come a long way in this journey and I am glad I was here to see it...even in those "dark" days. Yours was one of the first links from Adam's blog that I ventured to.
Happy Birthday!!!! Have an Awesome day! I am looking forward to seeing your photo shoot pics!