Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taking things in stride

My photo shoot was cancelled due to the weather - the plan is set for it to happen any day this week weather permitting. My photographer has been generous to give me Tue-Wed, Sat-Sun with a 2hr window notice to get shooting.
Though I was very disappointed, I found comfort in going clothes and free weights shopping:)
My workouts are one day full body strength training, one day cardio alternate with 1-2 days off as Rest days.
My eating continues to be excellent, and yes I had a glass of wine on my birthday with a piece of chocolate and 2 home made cookies to celebrate with a healthy meal of veggies and BBQ chicken.

I ventured out and did the zipline for my 45th and it was a scream and will definitely do it again. I will post some pics later.
I'm still mulling over what my next fitness challenge is - will share once the decision is made.
I will more likely take 3-5 days off after my shoot to relax and during that time will come up with my next course of action.
Alright, stay the course and don't quit - it can be done!

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