Monday, August 17, 2009

In my Blood

After 4hrs of clicking, flashes, various facial expressions, pose and moving from place to place I am happy to report that my photo shoot is over. It was fun and I am now looking forward with anticipation to seeing the finished work.
I’d fully intended to take one week off from exercising and eating whatever I want, but I can’t seem to talk myself into doing that – heck, after 12 weeks of hitting it hard I feel justified in “slacking” but mentally my mind isn’t going there and as I write this I am so glad I am in this place. So with that said my mind is churning as to what I can do for 2 weeks to stir things up a bit, to challenge my body…seeing that my mind is fully charged.

I did however take Friday-Sunday off from exercising and enjoyed a few drinks and desserts, though afterwards my body didn’t feel that good.
For the next 2 weeks beginning today it will be another one of my “test” in action plan to see what changes my body is capable of making, what growth or loss can be generated with the nutrition and exercise plan in place in only 2 weeks. Remember, it’s a test! Pictures will be posted twice per week.
Remember, if you don’t act, don’t try, don’t move you will get no where and you’ll never know what you’re capable of achieving. Make the move and do!

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