Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Challenging but Exhilarating

A yoga studio just opened close to my work so a friend and I decided to check it out - the "open house" special is $30 for 2-weeks unlimited, so we're going to attend as many classes as possible. For the first time last Thursday we tried the "hot yoga" and I enjoyed the experienced, then yesterday we decided to go for another session and 45 min after attend a spinning class. Hey, I am all about "first" meaning why not try something new...make it a first and see if the experience is worth repeating.
15 min into the spinning I could feel every fiber in my leg muscles screaming, but I wasn't about to quit - my mind I realized was in control and focused so I pushed the body.
Two hours later sitting and standing became a painful lower body was already sending strong signals about the intensity of my workout.
At 8:15pm I was in bed and had a restful sleep and awoke ready to do it all over again.

Throughout my fitness journey I have arrived at the place where I revel in challenging my mind and pushing my body beyond what I may think I/it can't do. The experiences so far has been rewarding and empowering, because I know that if your mind is in ready mode you can reach for and accomplish absolutely anything you desire and set your mind to.

My next fitness goal is to sculpt my body...I want it lean did I say lean?:) I am very happy with my current accomplishments and body transformation, and would be content to maintain in this place. However, I know now that I can achieve and obtain a sculpt body. So, tick tock, tick tock, mind mapping a plan to get there. Details will follow shortly...the plan and picture posting will begin Sept 1st.
Alright, stay the course and remember if you have a desire to see a dream come can do something about it. So why not begin today to make that dream a reality?
It can be done!

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