Friday, August 21, 2009

The process of thinking and doing

Self evaluation is a great exercise to incorporate into our lives; much as healthy eating and exercise because "self evaluation" is an honest way for you to look inside of yourself...kinda like looking into an internal mirror of your soul. Though I do practice this exercise, I must admit that I need to do it more often. With that said, here I am in the process of doing just that this week, and wanted to share a bit on what I've been unravelling..ah, make that discovering.

There is a process of thinking that is important in every day life - from work to play; though sometimes being spontaneous comes into play which can sometimes be exciting and adventurous. However, within the realm of processing (on things that are important), we need to spend time "thinking things through" before acting...avoiding making hasty decisions that can have a negative back lash is oh so important and wise.
So, I've been processing my next fitness challenge, and how it will not only benefit me personally, but help my clients (as a result of what I'll learn). What I do, how I live now brings me ultimate fulfillment; helping and encouraging others to reach for and live their best lives is fuel that keeps my engine running. I feed off of seeing seeds sown come to fruition that moves on to have a positive effect in the lives of others as well. That's my life in a nutshell...make it a huge nutshell:)
So, during the process of "thinking" I realized that I have to "do" what my mind is processing to get the results my mind is visualizing.
My point is - Time spent thinking without doing is opinion of course. So the only way for me to live in the reality of my thoughts, I must act...I must do to enjoy the times I spent reveling in the goose bums giddy possibility moments during the "thinking processing".
See time as your friend and get busy living.

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