Sunday, August 23, 2009

Isn't it about Balance?

I had a chat a few days ago with a friend Shelley who has a Shiatsu massage practice and we were sharing our thoughts on the connection of nutrition with our bodies to exercise and the form of massage she practices. Within that time the word "balance" became part of our discussion.
We both agree that like millions of others we have more than one passion and one of the passions we have in common is a love and passion for food.
Yes, we all have our favourite ethnic food and it doesn't matter what class it falls under - from desserts, to appetizers, to the main course we love food and with that enjoyment we do it with people in either a business or non-business atmosphere in the realm of getting to know, like or love the people we're with.
So with that said the topic of having a healthy balance came into play - we should have and enjoy moments where we satisfy our craving for a sugary treat, hamburger, fries, pizza and a cold beverage.
We should not deprive ourselves from such cravings, but it SHOULD NOT be part of our DAILY lifestyle. Why? In case you have forgotten, eating foods like that on a daily basis is self sabotage to your overall health and increases your chance to develop health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetics etc.
As an example on Friday I had a grilled cheese sandwich on white sourdough bread (not sure what got into me) in less than 30 min I had serious heart burn and I felt yucky. Why? my body is no longer used to eating what I'd just consumed and the reaction I felt was my body's way to telling me that.
Therein lies the personal responsibility to find a healthy balance for our life by incorporating a healthy lifestyle of exercising 3-5 times per week at an intense level for a minimum of 30 min, and maintaining a nutritious eating that contains lean protein, wholesome grains, a higher quantity of fresh (preferred organic) fruits and vegetables, and avoid process foods as much as possible, while limiting or eliminating your intake of sugars, white flours, pastas, rice and alcohol.
In doing that we can still have a day whereby we can indulge in feeding our sweet or salt craving and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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