Sunday, July 5, 2009

A super fast week and favorable results

The past week literally flew by - could be the national holiday we had on Wed. Had a very successful week with both my eating and nutritional plan. I've intensified my workouts along with skipping being my choice of cardio and the results I'm seeing on my midsection and legs have been beautiful.
With summer upon us it means loads of fresh local fruit, berries and farmers markets - I'm taking full advantage of that...stocking up on berries for my smoothies.
Speaking of smoothies I finally picked up a "magic bullet" and it is amazing and so easy to clean...2 parts. and your smoothies are ready in less than 2 mins.
I continue to press hard with my workouts and clean eating - met with my photographer and his wife today for lunch, and I joking told him that I plan on having as little "touch up" on my photos to make his work a bit easier:)
Alright, time to get my lunches, snacks and some studying done.
Remember, it takes work, but it is worth it...keep moving and here's to a very successful week.

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