Friday, December 4, 2009

Another dream lives

At the age of 11 my hands slid into a pair of boxing gloves and the experience I learned while hanging out at a boxing ring and goofing around is one that is still fresh with me, At the age of 15 when my hands first touched the cold steel of free weights I was hooked. At the age of 22 I was introduced into the world of healthy eating, nutrition and started to personally deal with my self esteem and weight issues.
Throughout my life journey my passion for health and fitness stayed with me and I continued to educate myself in this field. I began to use my body as a test kitchen in trying new workout programs, and incorporating different eating cycles to find what works best to give me the best results in a healthy way.
I learned about the types of foods that were best for fat loss, when to eat what and why to eat it. Over the years my knowledge not only grew but I personally benefited from it. My life got healthier in every area, and the revelation about what the rest of my life is meant to do was to follow my passion and do what brings me the greatest joy and fulfillment. Share my passion with others by educating others on how beneficial it is to improve their lives and how to slowly incorporate health and fitness as a lifestyle change that will benefit them in EVERY area of their lives.
I wasn't going to pursue a certification as a Certified Fitness Coach simply because I felt with the knowledge and life experience I had that I was qualified enough. However, with encouragement and sound advice from a bunch of close friends which made a lot of sense, I took on the challenge of pursuing my certification in this field.
Today, after over 8 months of ups, downs, sacrifices, and loss I am now a CFT with a passing grade of 88.3%. Elated? Beyond and then's to dreams that come true...plant a seed, take a stand, water that seed, believe in your purpose, don't give up and eventually your harvest will come.
Another stepping stone in my life's journey...I'm excited as to what lies only gets better and my dad who told me "keep going and don't stop" thanks dad, and to all my other friends who supported and encouraged me along the way...I am forever grateful!

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Michael said...

You are an inspiration. I am so proud of you! We CAN achieve our goals and realize our dreams. I needed this reminder!